Born July 18,1974......Died February 16,1997......My son was the victim of a violent crime that ended his life at the age of twenty two. Shown above are pictures of his first car, and his first child. This page is dedicated to Andy.

TO   EVERY   THING   THERE   IS   A   SEASON,   AND   A   TIME   TO   EVERY   PURPOSE   UNDER   THE   HEAVEN-Ecclesiastes   3:1

We do not know why Andys life had to end at the time it did but we can rest assured that he sleeps in peace until our Savior, Jesus Christ, comes to take us home.



ANNETTE FOSEN- I am Andrew's mother. The loss of my son was devistating. I cannot put into words yet the impact that it has had on my life, or go beyond the grief of loosing him. There is an empty place in each of our hearts that will forever mourn his loss.


WILLIAM BEATTY- Andrew was a great Brother and a loving Father. I will miss him dearly. I can forgive the man that murdered him, with a little help from the Lord, and I hope he can forgive himself as well. I no longer have a Brother that I can touch, but I can still talk to him, and I have some wonderful memories that I will never loose. I love you Andy!!!


DAWN DRAVES-I am Andy's sister. My sweet brother Andy....I believe your death has become a testimony of your life to us all. God has released you from all pain, grief and abuse....maybe not in the way we, as your family, felt appropriate but in the way that will only be understood between you and the Lord. I look forward to the day when we are reunited in the Lords presence and I can reach out and hug you, and love you unconditonally. I love you and you are a part of my soul....always.

Wandering in my solitude
before I start the day
I ask myself how long it's been
Since I've knelt down to pray.

Though contemplating God's great love
I need a reason "why?"
My dearest brother, full of life
Was it his time to die?

"I'm angry, help me understand"
hot tears fall down like rain
Have faith, God whispers in my ear.......
he's free from all his pain.


LONNIE SMITH-I am Andy's aunt. It has been a year and a half now since my nephew was murdered and still the waters of our lives do not run smoothly. The sight, the sound and the touch of certain things are reminders. The faces of his three little children are reminders. The incomplete family gatherings are reminders. The news with its anger, rage and killings are reminders. Myriads of little everyday things are reminders of what once was. Sometimes they make us laugh. Sometimes they make us cry. All the time they make us wonder... why? We love and miss you Andy.


ANITA WILDES-I am Andy's grandmother. I will never be able to express my feelings about what happened to Andy, he meant so much to me. I feel so badly that his dear wife and darling children must go through life now without his love and guidance....his family meant everything to him. It is so unfair for a person of his age and stature to lose his life because another person looses his perspective of what he is doing for a few moments. I will never get over the loss of Andy, he was so special to me.



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Annette Fosen
Houston, Texas

Thank you for visiting Andy's memorial. If you have questions about this page or are seeking comfort in the loss of a child, please feel free to email me.

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